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donderdag 24 januari 2013

valentine window garland

In an effort to get out of the post-holiday funk that's going on around here, I thought I'd jump right in an do a little Valentine's day decorating!  It's always nice to see some bright fun color added to our space in this cold cold time of winter.  

I picked up some pom poms in various sizes and threaded them on lengths of some transparent thread.  Just tied a knot in the bottom and threaded the pom poms on with a needle and tried to evenly space them.  Then I taped each strand to the trim at the top of the window (not fancy I know, but it works and it'll only be up for a little bit anyway). 

I think these would be fun to do in any window for any season, it's fun, modern looking, and adds a little extra special touch.  This would be a great project to try with an older child who is fairly comfortable with a needle!

Now the tricky part will be to keep the little hands and a wagging dog tail away from it...

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  1. Leuke kleurrijke tips en ideeën in je posts. Dat maakt het vrolijk in deze koude winterse tijd! Fijn weeken, Pascale


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